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Rectangles: Choose from one of the geometric
rectangular shapes to create rectangles.
Basic shapes: Ovals, a number of different polygons,
special design shapes, and irregular objects are all
included in this tool group.
Block arrows: Block arrows offer you choices for
various arrowhead shapes for adding emphasis to an
item, creating callouts, and working with flowcharts
and diagrams.
Equation shapes: Select one of the Equation shapes
when you need an object you want to use for
mathematical expressions.
Flowchart: Flowcharts are easily created in
PowerPoint using the Flowchart objects.
Stars and banners: Choose from a variety of different
star shapes or create banners on slides (see Figure 7-3).
Callouts: Choose from many different callout boxes
that enable you to associate text with graphic objects
(see Figure 7-4).
Action buttons: Action buttons are used to invoke
actions such as hyperlinking to other slides,
presentations, and Web URLs, playing movies and sounds,
and doing other types of link activity.
Figure 7-3: You can easily create banners using one of the stars and banners objects
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