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matter what, you can enter a specific start or finish date. Setting the start or
finish date is simple.
To enter a start or finish date for a task, simply follow these steps:
1. Double-click a task.
The Task Information dialog box appears.
2. Click the General tab if it’s not already displayed; refer to Figure 4-2.
3. Click the arrow on the Start or Finish box.
A calendar appears.
4. Click a date to select it, or click the forward or backward arrow to
move to a different month and select a date.
If the current date is the date you want, use the shortcut of clicking the
Today button on the drop-down calendar.
5. Click OK.
Note that setting a start date isn’t quite as strong a factor in how Project
determines timing as applying the Must Start On constraint. You can find out
more about how constraints work in the “Constraints You Can Live With”
section, later in this chapter.
Taking a break: Splitting tasks
Did you ever start something — your taxes, for example — and find that you
just had to drop everything before you were done and go do something else?
(In the case of taxes, I usually need a break for a good cry.)
It’s the same in projects. Sometimes tasks start and then you have to put
them on hold before they can start again later — for example, if you
experience a work shutdown due to labor negotiations. Or, perhaps you can
anticipate a delay in the course of a task and want to structure it that way when
you create it. In that case, you can use a Project feature to split a task so that
a second or third portion starts at a later date, with no activity between. You
can place as many splits in a task as you like.
Follow these steps to split a task:
1. Click the Split Task button on the Standard toolbar.
A box appears, as shown in Figure 4-9. The box provides a readout to
guide you as you set the start date for the continuation of the task.
2. Click the task at the date where you want to split the task, and then
drag until the box contains the date on which you want the task to
begin again.
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