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Split Task button
Figure 4-9:
Check out
this guide to
setting the
start date
for the
of the task.
3. Release the mouse button.
The task is split.
You can rejoin a split task by placing your mouse over the taskbar until the
move cursor appears and then clicking the split taskbar and dragging it back
to join with the other portion of the taskbar.
Don’t use the split-task approach to put an artificial hold on a task until some
other task is complete. Suppose that you start testing a product but then
have to wait for final approval before finalizing the test results. In that case,
you should create a Testing task, a Final Approval milestone, and a Finalize
Test Results task — and then create dependency relationships among them.
That way, if one task runs late, your final task shifts along with it instead of
being set in stone (as a split task can be).
It’s Such an Effort: Effort-Driven Tasks
When you hear the word effort in Project, you can think work. When you create
a task, by default it is effort driven, which means that if you adjust resource
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