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As you build your project, you can easily create a project summary task
yourself (indent other tasks beneath it) or use a Project feature to generate one
automatically at any time — even after you build all the phases of your
project. To have Project automatically create a project summary task, follow
these steps:
1. Choose Tools
The Options dialog box appears.
2. Click the View tab to display it.
3. Select the Show Project Summary Task option.
4. Click OK to insert the upper-level task.
Structuring the Project’s Outline
If you already read the first few pages of this chapter, your tantalizing glimpse
of how outlines work in Project has doubtlessly left you eager to start
building your own, but project outlines take a little upfront thought. You have to
settle two important matters about your project before you start building a
logical project outline:
The goal: What do you want to achieve at the completion of your project?
Is your goal to manage an entire space shuttle mission? Then you need as
many tasks as it takes to get from here to splashdown. If your goal is only
to launch the space shuttle, however, your focus is narrower, and the level
of detail of certain tasks will probably be different.
The scope: Scope is a little more specific than the goal. Do you want to
build a new warehouse from scratch, outfit it with equipment and
furniture, and deal with moving people into their offices by December 1 within
a budget of $20 million? Or, is the scope of your project to hook up the
computer network by November 1 within a budget of $50,000?
Understanding what your overall deliverables are helps you further define
where to start and stop your project.
To help you to sketch the early draft of your project, Project lets you create a
proposal schedule with major deliverables and no specific tasks. See Chapter
6 for more about deliverables and proposals.
Look around your own office: You’ll be surprised to find that many projects
that go off track never had a clear goal. In fact, entering project data into
project management software is a waste of time if you don’t know what your
mission is. Go ahead: Ask three people working on the same project in your
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