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have to deal with all levels of structure in your final outline, but which level
you tackle first is up to you.
Moving Tasks All around Your Outline
You discover how to create tasks in Chapter 4. In this section, you move those
tasks around to create the outline structure. If you use any word processing
outlining feature, this stuff is pretty easy. If this is new turf for you, it’s still easy!
The outdent-and-indent shuffle
Outdenting and indenting are the functions that you use to move tasks to
higher or lower levels of detail in your outline. In some software programs,
these terms are promoting and demoting, respectively.
Outdenting a task moves it up a level in the outline (literally shifting it
to the left in the outline). When outdented, a task is moved to a higher
level of detail; in other words, it’s less detailed.
Indenting a task moves it down a level in the outline (literally indenting
the task to the right in the outline) and puts it at a deeper level of detail.
You use tools on the Formatting toolbar (shown in Figure 5-3) to outdent and
indent tasks in a project outline. The Outdent tool is a left-facing arrow; the
Indent tool is a right-facing arrow.
You can outdent and indent tasks from any view, even Network Diagram view.
However, seeing the effect in Network Diagram view is tricky, and I recommend
using Gantt Chart view when manipulating tasks in an outline structure.
If you use an outlining feature in other software, you might be tempted to
press Tab to indent a task in an outline and Shift+Tab to outdent a task. In
Project, though, don’t. It doesn’t cause disaster, but it doesn’t do you much
good either. It only moves your cursor from one column to the other in a
columnar view (like Gantt Chart view). And in Network Diagram view, it
moves the cursor from field to field in a single task box.
To outdent or indent a task, follow these steps:
1. Click a task in a columnar view to select it.
2. Click the Outdent or Indent button according to what action you want
to take.
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