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Outdent and Indent tools
Figure 5-3:
Click these
tools to
move a task
in or out in
the outline.
Moving tasks up and down
A maxim of project management says that things change: Tasks that you
thought you could do early on can’t happen yet because the people,
materials, or money are in short supply. Or, a task that you thought you couldn’t
start until next July gets bumped up in priority when your customer changes
his mind (again) about deliverables. Because of this changeability, when you
enter tasks in a project outline, odds are that you’ll need to move those tasks
around at some point. You can move subtasks to other phases of the outline
by simply clicking and dragging them.
You should understand that moving a task can change its outline level. A task
retains its level in the outline only when you move the task to follow a task at
the same level. (Okay, there’s an exception, which I get to in a minute.)
Comparatively, if you move a lower-level task to a section of tasks at a higher level —
for example, move a third-level task to a section of second-level tasks — the
moved task takes on the level of the task preceding it. And the converse is
true when you move a higher-level task to follow a lower-level task.
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