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4. When the gray line is located where you want to insert the task,
release the mouse button.
The task appears in its new location. If you want the task to be at a
different level of the outline, you can now indent or outdent it as needed.
To move more than one task at a time, click and drag to select multiple task
IDs, and then drag them en masse to a new location. You can also use the
standard Shift+click and Ctrl+click selection methods to select multiple tasks
in a Project outline. Use Shift+click to select contiguous tasks, and use
Ctrl+click to select discrete tasks.
Using the cut-and-paste (or copy-and-paste) method
Clicking and dragging works fine in most cases, but in very large projects —
with a few hundred or more tasks, for example — this method can be like
dragging a peanut to Tibet: It’s not the process; it’s the distance you have to travel.
In a larger outline, simply use the cut-and-paste method to move tasks:
1. Select a task by clicking its task ID number.
2. Click the Cut Task tool on the Standard toolbar.
The task is removed from its current location and placed on the
Windows Clipboard.
3. Scroll to display the location where you want the task to appear.
4. Click the task after which you want to insert the task.
5. Click the Paste tool.
If you want to insert a copy of a task in a project outline, you can follow the
preceding steps and click Copy Task rather than Cut Task.
If you’re cutting and copying only a single cell and not a whole task, click in
the cell — the toolbar buttons will be named Cut Cell and Copy Cell instead.
Now You See It, Now You Don’t:
Collapsing and Expanding Tasks
Since caveman days (or whenever the first fourth-grade teacher taught the
first set of kids how to outline their book reports), outlines have allowed you
to focus on different levels of detail. Outlines do this on paper by essentially
ordering information so that you can more easily focus on the level of
information you need and ignore the rest.
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