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With the invention of computer outlining, the capability to focus on only
certain portions of an outline comes into its own because you can easily open
and close an outline to show or hide different levels of information — or entire
sections of your outline. The minus symbol next to the “Analysis” summary
task shown in Figure 5-5 indicates that all subtasks below it are displayed.
This capability means that you can hide all but the upper level of tasks in a
project to give your manager an overview of progress. Or, you can close
every phase of your project except the one in progress, so your team can
focus on just those tasks in a status meeting. Or, you can close most of your
outline so that jumping to a late phase of a very large schedule doesn’t
involve more scroll work than a Baroque fireplace.
A summary task with all tasks displayed has a minus sign to its left. A
summary task with hidden subtasks sports a plus sign to its left. All summary
tasks are indicated in bold in the project outline. When a summary task has a
minus sign next to it, you can select the summary task and do one of three
Click the minus sign to hide all subtasks.
Click the Hide Subtasks button on the Formatting toolbar to hide all
subtasks below the selected summary.
Figure 5-5:
This project
shows you
details of
just one
phase of the
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