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To quickly reveal all subtasks in a project, click the Show button and then
click All Subtasks.
Cracking the WBS Code
Some codes are used for disguising things (think of The DaVinci Code ). In
Project 2007, however, codes are used to make the elements of a project
easier to identify. These codes — work breakdown structure (WBS) codes
can be generated automatically to give a unique identity to each task in your
project by its order in the project outline.
For example, the second task in the second phase of a project has a code of
1.2.2. This code helps you identify all tasks that belong to Phase 1, no matter
at what level of the outline they might lie, as shown in Figure 5-7. Quite simply,
assigning a WBS code to an outline helps you to identify the location of
individual tasks in the outline so that people can find and reference them easily.
This concept is similar to how page numbers in a book’s table of contents
help you go right to a specific page.
The United States government often requires that subcontractors use this
type of code, so companies doing business with the government should find
this automatic application of a WBS code useful.
Figure 5-7:
In larger
the WBS
code can
get quite
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