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Figure 5-8:
You can
options in
this dialog
4. Click OK.
The WBS column is displayed. If you add a task, or move, promote, or
demote a task in your project outline, the WBS code is updated
Customizing the code
For the fourth task under the second phase of the first phase in the project,
the WBS code would look like this, by default:
Such off-the-rack WBS code often works just fine for projects. For those times
when you want to make changes, however, Project 2007 allows you to modify
the code to use a prefix — the name of your project, a client ID, or your
department number, for example — and to vary the use of numerals or
letters to indicate the various levels of your code structure. An example of a
customized code is shown in Figure 5-9.
The elements used to make up the code are code masks. You can specify the
following choices for WBS code masks:
Numbers (Ordered) uses a numerical code.
Uppercase Letters (Ordered) uses letter codes (such as A, B, and C to
correspond to the first, second, and third phases of a project) with
uppercase formatting.
Lowercase Letters (Ordered) also uses letters but with lowercase
Characters (Unordered) is used for combinations of letters and
numbers. This choice generates an asterisk; you can replace the asterisk
with whatever characters you like in a columnar view.
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