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Start-to-start: Start-to-start means what it says: Two tasks must start
simultaneously. For example, even though they are being created by
different designers, you might want to ensure that you send posters
and invitations for your blockbuster event to the printer at the same
time for cost efficiency.
Figure 6-3 shows the start-to-start relationship between the two tasks.
Finish-to-finish: Finish-to-finish has nothing to do with warm relations
between citizens of Finland. Finish-to-finish means that (you guessed it)
two tasks must finish at the same time.
Suppose that you’re preparing an annual report for your
adventuretravel company. You have to obtain photographs of travel
destinations and have the brochure copy laid out. You need both items in
hand before you can forward the report to the printer. If you set a
finish-to-finish dependency between these two tasks, you allow both
tasks the greatest length of time to be completed. (Why have the
photos sitting around for four weeks, for example, when the copy
isn’t ready?)
Figure 6-3:
two tasks.
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