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8. When you’re finished, click OK to save the dependencies.
The Gantt chart displays your dependencies with lines and arrows, as
shown in the project displayed in Figure 6-6.
Most dependency links are between tasks that are reasonably close to each
other in the Project outline. However, if you have to link tasks that don’t fit
on a single screen of information, the click-and-drag method can be tricky.
In that case, use the successor Task Information dialog box to create the
relationship by entering the predecessor task ID number or name.
Figure 6-6:
The more
complex the
project and
its timing
relationships, the
more lines
you see.
Extending your reach with
external dependencies
No person is an island — and no project exists in isolation. Many times,
another project you’re managing or another project going on somewhere
else in your organization affects your project. Perhaps resources or facilities
are shared, or perhaps the timing of tasks in other projects affects the timing
of tasks in yours. For example, if your project is to plan the opening of a new
store, you might have to create a dependency from your Begin Move-In task
to the Final Building Inspection Complete task in someone else’s construction
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