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Resources: People, Places, and Things
Many people hear the word resources and think of people. Well, people are
indeed a frequently used project resource, but they’re not the whole story.
Resources can also be equipment that you rent or buy as well as materials,
such as paper clips or scrap iron. You can even create resources that
represent facilities you have to rent by the hour, such as a laboratory or a meeting
space. For example, you could create a resource named Plant Visit and assign
it a unit cost of $400, which covers the average cost for a trip to your plant,
including airfare, hotel, and rental car.
Here are some typical and not-so-typical project resources:
Trade show booth
Office supplies
Hotel ballroom
Administrative assistants
Rocket fuel
Speaker fees
Computer software
Printing services
Graphic designers
Prototype design
You get the picture. Resources can be practically anything or anyone that you
use to complete your project.
Becoming Resource-full
After you create and organize the tasks in your project, the next typical step is
to create resources. You can also borrow resources that have been created by
others and assign them to your project. Before you start creating resources
willy-nilly, though, you must understand how they affect your project.
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