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Understanding resources
The key to understanding resources is to realize that resources in Project
equal costs. If you want to account for costs in your project — such as a
person putting in hours working on a task, computers that you have to buy,
or monthly rent — you must create resources and assign them to one or
more tasks. When you do, you can see the resulting costs in the Total Cost
column of the Gantt Chart spreadsheet, as shown in Figure 7-1.
One other way to add costs to a project is to use a fixed cost. Fixed costs are
not assigned through resources because they don’t accumulate costs by
hours of work or units used. Instead, a fixed cost is a set cost applied directly
to individual tasks. (For more on fixed costs, see Chapter 8.)
If a cost is not task-specific — such as a flat $10,000 consulting fee to a firm
that’s advising you on an overall project — you can create and assign a
resource or fixed cost to the summary task for the entire project.
Figure 7-1:
Tasks with
show the
total costs
in the Total
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