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The Birth of a Resource
When a person is born, someone fills out a birth certificate. Creating a resource
in Project involves filling out a form, too. On the Resource Information form,
you enter information, such as the resource name, rate per hour or cost per
use, and availability. You can also enter optional information, such as the
workgroup the resource belongs to or the resource’s e-mail address.
You can create a resource as a single person or thing, a generic resource
(that is, a skill set with no person attached, such as Assistant or Engineer),
and even a group of several resources that work together.
Creating one at a time
On the simplest level, you create a resource — whether it’s a person, a piece
of equipment, or a material — as a single entity. In this case, you’re thinking
of a particular person, or meeting room, or piece of equipment. You create
the resource by entering information in the Resource Information dialog box.
Another method for entering resource information is to display Resource
Sheet view and enter information in the columns included there. This is often
a faster way to create several resources at once.
When you create a resource, you must at a minimum type the Resource
Name, but you can also include as much information as you want. Some
people prefer to create all the resources first and deal with contact and cost
information at a later stage.
To create a resource, follow these steps:
1. Click Resource Sheet view in the View bar.
2. Double-click a blank Resource Name cell.
The Resource Information dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 7-4.
3. In the Resource Name box, type a name.
4. From the Type box, choose Work, Material, or Cost.
The settings available to you differ slightly depending on what you
choose. For example, a material resource won’t have the Email box
available, and a work or cost resource won’t have the Material Label
box available.
5. In the Initials box, type an abbreviation or initials for the resource.
If you don’t enter anything here, the first letter of the resource name is
inserted when you save the resource.
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