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If you want to create a generic resource, you should give it a name that
describes its skill, such as Engineer, or Designer, or even Meeting Space (as
opposed to a specific resource named Conference Room B). Then, in the
Resource Information dialog box, be sure to select the Generic check box.
You can then display a Yes/No column titled Generic to identify these
resources, and you can create a resource filter to filter for a Yes or No
entry in the Generic column to filter resources by this characteristic.
No formula takes the Generic setting into account in recalculating your
schedule based on resource availability. However, many people find this setting
useful in long-range planning and in situations where they aren’t responsible
for specific resource assignments (for example, assigning a temporary worker
to a task when the specific worker will be chosen by the temp agency).
Resources that hang out in groups
Although you’ll probably have little use for chain gangs in your project, they
exemplify the principle of a resource that represents multiple resources.
Rather than assigning people one by one to some tasks, you’ll want to assign
a group of people who typically work together. Being able to make one
assignment of a consolidated resource rather than several separate resources and
assignments can be a timesaver in larger projects.
Here’s an example of a consolidated resource: Suppose that you’re managing
a project to get a new Web site up and running. You have four Web designers
of equal skill at your disposal, so you create a resource named Web Designers.
You can assign Web Designers to a task at 400 percent, and have all four
designers working at once. Or you can assign the Web Designer resource
to work on a task at 100 percent, thereby assigning one resource to it.
There is no special setting to designate a multiple resource: However, you
might want to include some indication of the number of resources in the
resource name. For example, you could name your designer resource Four
Web Designers (if you know the Web design group consists of four people) or
Web Design Group. What really defines this type of resource is the maximum
assignment units; 400 percent would indicate four resources in the group.
Sharing Resources
Many organizations have lots of projects going on at the same time. Some,
such as a project to organize an office move, are the only project of its type
happening in a company. Others, such as a building design project in an
architectural firm, will happen simultaneously with several other similar projects
and draw on many of the same resources, such as architects and draftspeople.
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