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Figure 7-5:
When many
people pull
on the same
resources in
a company,
becomes a
good idea.
2. Specify the resources for the project.
If you want to specify that a project will use only its own resources
(the default), select the Use Own Resources option. If you want to share
resources, select the Use Resources option and then choose a project in
the From list.
3. Specify what Project should do when a conflicting resource setting,
such as the resource base calendar, exists.
If your project’s setting will take precedence, select the Sharer Takes
Precedence option. If you want the pool setting to rule, select Pool
Takes Precedence.
4. Click OK to complete the process.
All resources in the specified resource pool are added to your own
project’s resource list, ready to be assigned to tasks.
After you add a shared resource to your project, you can update shared
resource information. You would want to do this in case the person who
maintains those shared resources has made a change, such as upping the
resource’s rate per hour. To do this, choose Tools
Resource Sharing
Refresh Resource Pool.
If you combine separate projects into one master project at any point, Project
allows you to have duplicated resources. If you link the combined projects
and then delete a duplicate resource in the master project, it’s deleted in the
subproject as well.
Importing resources from Outlook
If you’re like me, you’ve spent months or years building up your list of e-mail
contacts in Outlook. You might as well have a way to leverage all that work:
Project supplies this in its capability to pull resources from Outlook.
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