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Figure 7-6:
The legend
on the left
and working
4. In the Base Calendar box, select a base calendar.
5. If there will be an exception to the default base calendar hours, enter
the Name, Start, and Finish for the exception on the Exceptions tab,
and then click the Details button.
The Details for [Exception] dialog box opens (see Figure 7-7).
6. Select a day. Then click in the From and To boxes and type new times.
Note that to build in a break or lunch hour, you must enter two sets of
7. Click OK when you’re finished, and then click OK twice more to close
the remaining dialog boxes.
To change a day to nonworking time, select it in the Change Working Times
dialog box and click the Details button. Click the Set Day(s) to These Specific
Working Times radio button, and then clear any working times from the From
and To fields and click OK. To change all instances of a particular day (for
example, all Wednesdays) as nonworking, choose the day in the Details
dialog box and then click Set Days to Nonworking Times and click OK.
To find out more about calendars or to create a custom Resource calendar,
see Chapter 3.
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