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Figure 7-7:
You can set
the details
for a
Now That I’ve Got ’Em, How
Do I Manage ’Em?
Before I leave the topic of resources, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you a bit
about the vital project management skill of resource management. Here, in a
nutshell, is your nickel tour of the art of managing the people who will make
your project happen.
Acquiring the right resources
Just like an award-winning performance in a movie begins with casting the
right actor, resource management starts with finding the right resources for
your tasks. What makes a resource is a combination of factors. The right
resource for a task is somebody who has
The right skills for the task at hand (or who is trainable, if training is
part of your budget)
Enough time available to complete the task according to your schedule
The ability to commit to the project (This sometimes involves getting
another manager’s buy-in.)
A cost that fits in your budget
Although the above list covers the basic requirements, consider other details,
such as whether the resource is set up to work with the project team, and
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