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whether your human resources are being run ragged. Then help those
who are overworked by modifying your schedule or adding other
resources to help.
Managing conflict gracefully
Although the fine art of managing people and the conflicts they seem to get into
is beyond the scope of a book on Microsoft Project, this topic is worth a word to
the wise. Conflict resolution is a necessary skill for project managers. It involves
creating an environment of cooperation and respect, building consensus (agree-
ment) among team members, and encouraging honest communication.
As a project manager, you can set up well-designed communications tools (such
as frequent status meetings or reports) so people stay in touch throughout your
project. You can also make a point of staying alert to conflict — and nipping it in
the bud. (A conflict ignored will only fester and become something worse.) Try
to keep the focus of discussions on the project goal, not on personalities.
In Chapter 16, I tell you all about designing and generating reports in Project
that help you keep your resources in the loop. Chapter 18 provides several
tools to help resources communicate clearly with each other, which can help
you avoid misunderstandings.
Figure 7-8:
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you see
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your project.
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