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You can specify fixed costs by creating a resource with a Cost type. Every time
you assign the resource to a task, you specify the cost associated with it.
You can also simply enter a fixed cost associated with a task without having to
create and assign a cost resource to it. To do so, you can use the Cost Table.
Tables are preset column combinations that make entering certain
information in a sheet pane easier.
Follow these steps to enter a fixed cost for a task:
1. Display the project in Gantt Chart view.
2. Choose View
The table of columns appears, as shown in Figure 8-1.
3. Click the Fixed Cost column for the task to which you want to assign
the cost and then enter the amount.
That’s all there is to it, but because you can enter only one fixed-cost amount
for a task, you should also enter a task note where you can itemize fixed
costs if you have more than one. Note also that the default fixed-cost accrual
method is prorated; if you prefer to have your fixed costs hit your budget at
the start or end of a task, use the Fixed Cost Accrual column in this table to
select another option.
Figure 8-1:
You can
insert the
Fixed Cost
column in
any sheet,
but the Cost
table is
ready for
you to use.
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