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Figure 8-3:
You can
enter any
number you
like in the
Units box.
Adding It Up: How Your Settings
Affect Your Budget
In Chapter 9, you explore assigning resources to tasks. But to help round out
this discussion of costs, you should know that in addition to a resource cost
per hour and a resource base calendar and availability, you assign resources
to tasks at certain percentages. All these factors work together in calculating
the cost of the resource when assigned to tasks.
Don’t worry about the calculations — Project does those for you. That’s the
beauty of entering information in Project: After you make settings for your
resources, Project does the work of tallying and showing total costs to you in
views, such as the Cost table of Gantt Chart view shown in Figure 8-4.
For example, suppose you want to assign a mechanic to a task. Here are the
Base calendar: Night Shift (eight hours, six days per week, between
11 p.m. and 8 a.m.)
Cost per hour: $20
Overtime cost: $30
Availability: 100 percent
Assigned to a two-day task: 50 percent
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