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Figure 8-4:
Total costs
at the
summarytask level
give you a
quick idea
of your total
budget and
costs in this
What is the cost of this resource? Here’s how it works: two days at half-time
availability based on an eight-hour calendar is a total of eight hours (four hours
per day). The resource incurs no overtime, so the cost is 8
$20, or $160.
Change one setting for the same resource, and see what you get:
Assigned to a two-day task: 150 percent
Now the resource is working 12 hours per day (150 percent of 8 hours) over
two days. With 16 total hours at the standard rate ($20) and 8 hours of
overtime ($30), this person will cost $560.
Customizing Cost Fields
When you display the Cost table with fields, such as the Standard Resource
Rate, you can click in any cost column and enter a rate for each resource. A
neat shortcut is to customize those fields with a lookup table.
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