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A good view to use if you want to see all of a resource’s work assignment
information is Resource Allocation view. You can display it by clicking the
Resource Allocation View button on the Resource Management toolbar, or
you can select it from the More Views dialog box. (Read more about the
Resource Management toolbar function in Chapter 9.)
Working with Budgets
You can specify a resource as a budget resource by selecting the Budget
check box in the Resource Information dialog box (see Figure 8-7). You then
assign these resources to the project’s single summary task. Using budget
resources, you can display fields that allow you to compare budgeted work
with planned work. (Believe me, there is often a difference.) For example, you
might have $10,000 budgeted for computer programmer time, and you might
have planned to use $11,450 of resource work for programming. The budget
setting can help you compare these amounts as you add and delete resources
from various tasks.
Figure 8-7:
Creating a
If you assign a budget resource, you use Task Usage view or Resource Usage
view to enter a work amount for that resource. You can view budgeted work
by displaying the Budget Work field. Note that this field reflects only material
and work resource type costs. You can use the Budget Cost field to view the
budgeted amount for cost resource types.
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