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and a resource assigned to it uses a Night Shift calendar, that resource will
work standard hours on that task.
In some situations, certain calendar settings won’t be available. Chapters 3
and 7 provide details about how all kinds of Resource calendar settings work
if you need a refresher course about this.
Use this setting to provide some timing flexibility in your task: for example, if
someone who normally works the night shift will be called on to attend a
twoday seminar that takes place during standard working hours.
Finding the Right Resource
Sometimes there’s no one in the world who can perform a certain task like
Albert, and you’ll get Albert to do that job if it kills you. Other times, just
about anyone could handle the work.
If any Tom, Dick, or Mary with a certain skill level (or a certain rate per hour)
will do, you can use Project features to find the right resource and make sure
he or she has enough time to take on just one more task.
Needed: One good resource willing to work
You’ve probably used the Find feature in other software to find a word or
phrase or number. That’s child’s play compared with Project’s Find feature,
which can find you a backhoe, a corporate jet, or even a person! You can use
Project’s Find feature to look for resources with certain rates or in a certain
workgroup. You can search for resources by their initials, their maximum
assignment units, their standard or overtime rate, and so on.
For example, you might need to find a resource whose standard rate is less
than $50. Or you might want to find someone who can put in extra work on a
task, so you search for any resource whose maximum units are greater than
100 percent. (In other words, the resource can put in a longer than usual day
before he or she is considered overallocated. ) Perhaps you need to find a
material resource that is a chemical measured in gallons, but you can’t
remember the exact chemical name. In that case, you can search for
resources whose material label includes the word gallons.
First display any resource view and then follow these steps to find resources
in Project:
1. Choose Edit
The Find dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-3.
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