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Custom fields: It’s a skill
When assigning resources, you often need to take a person’s skills into
account. If a person with less skill or experience could work on a particular
task (and save you money because he or she has a lower rate per hour),
wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find such resources easily?
Well, Project doesn’t include a Skill field, but it does allow you to add fields
of your own. You can use these fields for anything, but one great way to use
them is to code your resources by skill level. You can use a rating system
such as A, B, and C, or use terms such as Exp for an experienced worker and
Beg for a beginning-level worker.
Here’s how to add a custom field:
1. Display the Resource sheet (or whatever sheet you want to view the
custom field in).
2. Right-click a column heading and choose Insert Column.
The column is inserted to the left of the column you clicked.
3. In the Field name box, select one of the custom fields, designated as
Text 1 through Text 30.
4. In the Title box, type a name for the field.
5. Click OK to insert the column.
You can enter whatever you like in this column for each resource in your
project. Then you can search for specific entries in that field using the Find
feature, or turn on a filter to display only resources with a certain skill level
in that field. (Read more about filters in Chapter 10.)
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