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Some organizations designate custom fields for certain company information
such as an accounting code or vendor rating. If you have a Project
administrator who is in charge of these enterprise-wide standards, check with him or
her before you choose a custom field to designate skill level.
A Useful Assignation
If you understand how task types and effort-driven scheduling can affect your
tasks’ timing, you’ve fought 95 percent of the battle in assigning resources.
The rest is just the software equivalent of paperwork. First, you have to
create resources before you can assign them. (If you haven’t, wander to
Chapters 7 and 8 for a refresher course.) After you create resources, you
can use a couple of methods to assign them to tasks and also specify the
resource assignment units. These assignment units differ slightly between
work resources and material resources, however, so read on.
Determining work material and
cost-resource assignment units
Work resources, which are typically people, are assigned to a task using a
percentage: for example, 100 percent, 50 percent, or 150 percent. When you
assign a resource at a percentage, the assignment is based on the Resource
calendar. A resource with a Standard calendar will put in eight hours a day if
you assign it at 100 percent assignment units. Theoretically, a resource with a
24-hour calendar will work a grueling 24 hours a day at 100 percent (and
probably fall right over) or 12 hours at 50 percent.
A material resource is assigned in units, such as gallons, consulting sessions,
yards, or tons. When you assign a material resource to a task, you designate
how many units of that resource will go to that task.
A cost resource is one that incurs a certain cost every time you assign it. For
example, if you create a cost resource called Permit Fee and assign a cost of
$100, every time you assign a permit fee to a task, it is assigned at $100.
Note that material resource units are part of the entire work-unit-duration
calculation that can cause work resource assignments to change task durations.
Making your assignments
You have four methods of making resource assignments in Project. You can
select resources from the Resources tab of the Task Information dialog box,
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