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Using the Assign Resources dialog box
To assign a work or material resource to a task, you can select a task and
then use the Assign Resources dialog box to make assignments. To do so,
follow these steps:
1. Click a task to select it.
2. Click the Assign Resources button on the Standard toolbar.
The Assign Resources dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-5.
3. Click a resource to select it and then click the Assign button.
A check mark appears next to the assigned resource in the Resource
Name column.
4. Click the Units column for the resource you just assigned.
If it’s a work resource, the default assignment of 100% appears. If it’s a
material resource, the default is one unit.
5. Specify a percentage of assignment units for the resource.
Click the spinner arrows in the box to increase or decrease the setting.
For a work resource, change the percentage units in 50-percent
increments by clicking the arrows; or, you can simply type a percentage. For a
material resource, use the spinner arrows in the Units column to
increase or decrease the unit assignment, or type in a number of units.
6. Repeat Steps 3–5 to add all resources.
7. If you want to replace one resource with another, click an assigned
resource (indicated with a check mark), click Replace, select another
name on the list, set its units, and click OK.
8. Click the Close button to save all the assignments.
Figure 9-5:
created is
shown in
this list.
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