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You can also get to the Assign Resources dialog box from the Resource
Management toolbar. This toolbar also offers handy tools for adding
resources to your project from sources such as your Outlook Address
Book and managing overallocated resources.
Adding assignments in the Task Information dialog box
Finally, you can assign resources on the Resources tab of any Task
Information dialog box by following these steps:
1. Double-click a task name in Gantt Chart view.
The Task Information dialog box appears.
2. Click the Resources tab to display it.
3. Click in a blank Resource Name box and then click the arrow that
appears at the right side of the box.
A drop-down list of resources appears.
4. Click the resource you want to assign.
5. Click the Units column and use the spinner arrows to set an
assignment percentage.
6. Repeat Steps 3–5 to assign additional resources.
7. Click OK.
If assigning a material resource, the Units default is a single unit. (If your
units are pounds, the default assignment is 1 lb.) Use the spinner arrows in
the Unit field to assign additional material units.
Getting the contour that’s right for you
When you make a work resource assignment, Project spreads the work out
evenly over the life of the task. However, you can modify the level of work
that goes on during the life of the task — called a work contour — so that
more work takes place near the beginning, middle, or end of the task.
For example, if you know that the people on a task to install a new
computer network will have to spend some time up front studying the manuals
and reviewing the schematics for the wiring before they can begin to make
measurable progress on the installation, you might use a late-peaking
contour. Or, if you know that people are likely to put in a lot of work up front on
a survey — and then sit back and wait for the results to come in — you might
choose an early-peaking contour.
Using a different contour on a particular resource’s task assignment could
free up that resource to work on a second task that occurs during the life of
the first task. This can help you resolve a resource conflict.
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