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The contour you select will have slightly different effects depending on the
task type. Trust me: Most project managers don’t even want to try to
understand this complex equation. Simply try a different contour and see whether
it solves your problem and doesn’t make too dramatic a change to your task
duration or other resource assignments.
To set a task’s contour, follow these steps:
1. Display Task Usage view.
This view shows resource assignments by task.
2. Double-click a resource.
The Assignment Information dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-6.
Figure 9-6:
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on a task.
3. From the Work Contour box, choose one of the preset patterns.
4. Click OK to save the setting.
A symbol for the contour pattern is displayed in the Indicator column
for the resource.
If none of these patterns fits your situation, you can manually modify a
resource’s work by changing the number of hours the resource puts in
day by day on a task in Task Usage view.
Before you save, make sure your modifications add up to the number of hours
you want, or you could inadvertently change the resource’s assignment.
Resource Allocation view is useful for reviewing resource assignments at this
stage. This view gives a side-by-side comparison between a single resource’s
workload and all the tasks going on during a particular time period in your
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