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Figure 9-7:
Use this
dialog box
to specify
who will
receive your
2. Choose any intended recipients of the message from among Project
Manager, Resources, and Contacts.
3. Select either Entire Project or Selected Tasks to specify what to
include in the schedule note.
4. In the Attach area, select what to attach to the e-mail message.
If you select the File option, the entire file will be attached. If you instead
select the Picture of Selected Tasks option, Project will attach a bitmap
picture of the selected tasks in the view you had active when you
started the Send procedure.
Note: If you were in a Resource view when you began this process, this
option will read Picture of Selected Resources, and the resources you
had selected will be sent.
5. Click OK.
An e-mail form is displayed.
6. Fill in a subject and your e-mail message.
7. Click Send to send the message.
To help you track e-mails to resources on your project, set your e-mail
program to provide return receipts when messages are received or read.
Report your findings
Remember the days when you read a report on paper, instead of on your
computer screen? Those days aren’t gone: In lots of situations, a printed
report is your best bet for clear communication about your project.
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