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Going the Project Web Access route
Project Web Access allows you to do a lot of
communicating and interacting with your team
online, including notifying people of
assignments, allowing them to see your Project plan
(even if they don’t have Project installed), and
requesting status reports. You can also use
features of Project Web Access to view resource
availability, build a resource team from an
enterprise resource pool, and review resource
assignments across projects. Chapters 18 and
19 give you an overview of Project Web Access,
which requires that your organization have
Project Server installed. If your organization
decides to implement this enterprise approach
to project management, it can make your life
much easier!
You can use several assignment reports to inform your human resources of
their assignments on projects. To help you out, the four assignment report
types provide the following information:
Who Does What report: Provides a list of tasks organized by resource
with total work hours, number of days delay from the original schedule,
and start and finish dates. It also reflects a total number of work hours
for a resource on all tasks in the project.
Who Does What When report: Shows a calendar listing tasks organized
by time period with resource assignment totals.
To-Do List report: Generated for a single resource (not all resources, as
with the other report types) week by week in a project. It lists the task
names, durations, start and finish dates, and predecessor tasks by task
Overallocated Resources report: Shows resource assignments for
human resources who are overbooked on tasks during the project,
including total hours, unit assignments, total hours of work on each
task, and any delay from the original schedule.
Follow these steps to generate an assignment report:
1. Choose Report
2. Click Assignments and then click Select.
The Assignment Reports dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-8.
3. Click one of the four reports.
4. Click Select.
A preview of the report appears. Figure 9-9 shows a sample Who Does
What report.
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