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2. On the Standard toolbar, click the Group By list and then choose a
The information is organized according to your selection. Figure 10-5
shows an example.
Figure 10-5:
tasks to
show only
tasks in
this view of
your project.
To redisplay all tasks or resources in their original order, click the arrow in
the Group box on the toolbar to display the list and click No Group. (When
no group is applied, the Group box displays No Group.)
Devising your own groups
Custom groups include three elements: a field name, a field type, and an
order. For example, you might create a group that shows the field name
(such as Baseline Work) and a field type (such as Tasks, Resources, or
Assignments) in a certain order (Descending or Ascending). A group that
shows Baseline Work for Tasks in Descending order, for example, would list
tasks in order from the most work hours required to the least. Other settings
you can make for groups control the format of the group’s appearance, such
as the font used or a font color applied.
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