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Getting some help
When one person is overworked, it’s time to look for help. You can free up
resources in several ways.
One way is to assign someone to help out on a task and thus reduce the
overbooked resource assignment now that he or she is not needed for as many
hours. Reduce the resource’s work assignment on one or more tasks — say,
reducing 100 percent assignments to 50 percent. You do this in the Task
Information dialog box on the Resources tab, shown in Figure 10-15, or by
selecting the task and clicking the Assign Resources tool to open the Assign
Resources dialog box.
Figure 10-15:
You can
units for a
resource on
a particular
Note that you can quickly check a work graph for any resource by clicking
the Graphs button in the Assign Resources dialog box.
You’ll also find that by adding resources to some tasks, you’ll shorten the
task duration. That means you might free up your resource in time to
eliminate a conflict with a later task in the project.
Try changing the work contour for the resource. By default, Project has a
resource work on a task at the same level for the life of the task. You can
modify the work contour, for example, so that a resource puts in the most
effort at the start of a task, which frees up the resource’s workload later when
a conflict with another assignment might occur. See Chapter 9 for information
about how to apply a work contour to a resource assignment.
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