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Getting your resources level
Resource leveling sounds something like the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, but
it’s not. It’s a calculation that Project goes through to try to resolve resource
overallocation in your project. The feature works in two ways: by delaying a
task until the overbooked resource frees up, or by splitting tasks. Splitting a
task involves (essentially) stopping it at some point, thereby freeing up the
resource, and then resuming it at a later time when the resource is available.
You can make such changes yourself or let Project do the calculation. Project
will first delay tasks that involve overallocated resources to use up any
available slack. When no more slack is available on these tasks, Project makes
changes based on any priorities you’ve entered for tasks, dependency
relationships that are affected, and task constraints (such as a Finish No Later
Than constraint).
But don’t worry: You can turn on leveling to see what changes Project would
make, and then clear the leveling to reverse those actions if you don’t like the
To level the resources in your project, follow these steps:
1. Choose Tools
Level Resources.
The Resource Leveling dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 10-16.
Figure 10-16:
You can
of the
2. Make a choice between allowing Project to do Automatic or Manual
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