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To level or not to level?
As both a process and a program feature,
resource leveling has pros and cons. It can make
changes that you might not want it to make — for
example, taking a resource off a task where you
absolutely need that person’s unique skills. It
frequently delays your project’s finish date, which
might not be acceptable to you (or your boss).
The safest setting for Resource Leveling — that
is, the one that makes the least drastic changes
to your timing — is to level only within slack. This
setting may delay some tasks, but it won’t delay
your project completion date.
If you just can’t live with everything Resource
Leveling did, the capability to turn Resource
Leveling on and off is your best ally. You can turn
the feature on and look at the things it did to
resolve resource problems, and then turn it off
and manually institute the portions of the solution
that work for you. Also remember that the
Multiple Undo feature now allows you to make
several changes manually and undo them to get
back to where you started.
Mixing Solutions Up
One final word about all the solutions suggested in this chapter to deal with
time, cost, and overallocation problems. To be most successful, you’ll probably
have to use a combination of all these methods. Solving these problems is often
a trial-and-error process. Although you might initially look for one quick fix
(who doesn’t?), in reality, the best solution might come through making a dozen
small changes. Take the time to find the best combination for your project.
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