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By formatting taskbars, you can help readers of your plan identify various
elements, such as progress or milestones. If you make changes to individual
taskbars, people who are accustomed to Project’s standard formatting might
have trouble reading your plan.
To create formatting settings for various types of taskbars, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the chart area outside any single taskbar and then choose
Bar Styles.
The Bar Styles dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 11-1.
Figure 11-1:
You can
modify the
look of
and the text
you display
along with
2. Click the Text tab.
3. In the spreadsheet, along the top in the Name column, click the type
of task that you want to modify (Split, Progress, Milestone, and so on).
For example, if you want to modify the styles used for all summary
tasks, click Summary. The choices in the Bars tab in the bottom half
of the dialog box change based on the task type that you click.
4. Click in the Show For . . . Tasks column for the task type you want to
modify and then select criteria for the task from the drop down list
that appears, such as Critical or Finished.
5. Click the Bars tab to display it, if necessary, and then do the following:
a. Click any of the Shape lists to modify the shape of either end or the
middle of the taskbar.
Shapes on either end might be an arrow, a diamond, or a circle.
The shape in the middle consists of a bar of a certain width.
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