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Figure 11-6:
The Layout
dialog box
for Gantt
Chart view.
Table 11-1
Layout Options
Layout Type
Calendar view
Use Current Sort Order
Project uses the latest sort order
you’ve applied to tasks.
Attempt to Fit as Many
Ignores the sort order and fits as
Tasks as Possible
many tasks in a date box as possible.
Show Bar Splits
When a task includes a period of
inactivity, that task can be shown as
split into different parts over time.
Automatic Layout
Project modifies the layout in
response to the insertion of
additional tasks.
Layout Mode area
Allows automatic or manual
Diagram view
Box Layout area
The settings in this section arrange
and align boxes, adjusting alignment,
spacing, and height, and also modify
how summary tasks are displayed.
Link Style area
Modifies the style for dependency
link lines and labels.
Link Color area
Sets the color for links both on and
off the critical path.
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