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Modifying Gridlines
Just as phone numbers are broken up into several shorter sets of numbers
to help you remember them, visual elements are often broken up to help you
understand information in chunks. Tables use lines, calendars use boxes,
football fields use yard lines, and so on.
Several views in Project include gridlines to indicate certain things, such
as the break between weeks or the status date (that is, the date as of which
progress has been tracked on a project). These lines help the reader of your
plan discern intervals of time or breaks in information; for example, gridlines
can be used to indicate major and minor column breaks. You can modify
these gridlines in several ways, including changing the color and style of
the lines and the interval at which they appear.
To modify gridlines, use the Gridlines dialog box, as follows:
1. Right-click any area of a view that contains a grid (for example, the
chart area of Gantt Chart view or Calendar view) and then choose
The Gridlines dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 11-7.
2. In the Line to Change list, click the gridline that you want to modify.
3. Use the Normal Type and Color lists to select a line style and color.
4. If you want to use a contrasting color at various intervals in the grid
to make it easier to read, do the following:
a. Select an interval at which to include a contrasting line.
This setting is typically used with a different style or color from the
Normal line setting to mark minor intervals for a grid. Note that
not all types of gridlines can use contrasting intervals.
b. Choose the Type and Color of that line from the lists.
5. Click OK to save your settings.
Figure 11-7:
The possible
lines you
can change
from one
view to
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