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You make choices for modifying gridlines one by one, and there is no Reset
button to put these settings back the way they were. Also note that gridlines
modified in one view don’t affect gridlines in any other view.
When a Picture Can Say It All
Words and numbers and taskbars and task boxes are fine, but what if you
want to add something of your own? For example, you might want to draw
attention to a task by drawing a circle around it, or you might want to include
a simple drawing to show a process or working relationship in your plan.
You can use a Drawing toolbar to draw images in the chart area of Gantt
Chart view. Follow these steps to add a drawing:
1. Display Gantt Chart view.
2. Choose Insert
The Drawing toolbar appears, as shown in Figure 11-8.
3. Click the drawing tool that represents the type of object you want to
draw, such as an oval or a rectangle.
Figure 11-8:
toolbar has
some tools
in common
with other
you may
have used.
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