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4. Click at the location on the chart where you want to draw the object,
and drag your mouse until the item is drawn approximately to the
scale you want.
5. Release the mouse button.
When you draw an object over an element such as a taskbar, the drawn
object is solid white and covers up what’s beneath it. You have a couple
of choices if you want the item underneath to show throw:
Click the Cycle Fill Color button until you hit the No Fill option.
Use the Draw menu to change the order of objects.
At this point, you have a few options:
Add text. If you drew a text box, you can click in it and then type
whatever text you like.
Resize objects. Resize any object you’ve drawn by selecting it and
then clicking and dragging any of the resize handles (little black boxes)
around its edges outward to enlarge it or inward to shrink it.
Move objects. Move the mouse over the object until the cursor becomes a
four-way arrow. Then click the object and drag it elsewhere on the chart.
Use fill color. You can use the Cycle Fill Color tool to choose a color for
a selected object. Each time you click this tool, it displays another color
in the available palette. Just keep clicking the tool until the color you
want appears.
Layer objects. If you have several drawings or objects that you want to
layer on your page, click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar and
choose an order for a selected object, bringing it to the front of other
images or sending it behind them.
Attach an object to a task. Attach a drawn object to any task by moving
it next to a task and then clicking the Attach to Task drawing tool. If you
should add or delete tasks to your task list or move the attached task,
the drawing moves along with that task.
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