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3. Select the Save Interim Plan radio button.
4. From the Copy drop-down list box, select the set of data that you want
to copy to the interim plan.
5. From the Into drop-down list box, select the fields in which you want
to store the interim plan data.
6. Select the appropriate radio buttons to save the plan for the entire
project or selected tasks.
7. If you choose to save the plan for selected tasks, use the check boxes
to indicate how Roll Up Baseline options should work.
8. Click OK to save the plan.
By using the Copy and Into fields in the Set Baseline dialog box, you can save
up to ten interim plans based on baseline or actual data.
Clearing and resetting a plan
Ten interim plans might seem like a lot now, but in the thick of a busy and
ever-changing project, it might actually end up falling short of what you need.
Because you can save only ten interim plans, you might need to clear one at
some point and resave it.
Project piggybacks baseline and interim plan settings, so you actually choose
a Clear Baseline menu command to clear an interim plan. This can be
frightening to those who think that clicking a Clear Baseline command will send
their baseline into oblivion. Don’t worry — it won’t!
To clear an interim plan, follow these steps:
1. If you want to clear only some tasks in an interim plan, select them.
2. Choose Tools
Clear Baseline.
The Clear Baseline dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 12-7.
Figure 12-7:
Clear and
reset interim
plans as
often as you
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