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The Reschedule Work tool reschedules all tasks that begin after the
status date you set or the current date if you didn’t set a status date.
The Add Progress Line tool turns on a kind of drawing tool. When you
select the tool and then click the mouse cursor over a spot on the chart
area, a progress line is placed at that point on the timescale. A progress
line indicates which tasks are ahead of schedule as well as which ones
are behind schedule, by means of a line that connects in-progress tasks.
By clicking a Percentage Complete tool (0% to 100%), you can quickly
mark a task’s progress using a calculation of the percentage of work
completed based on the type of activity (fixed units, work, or duration).
The Update Tasks tool displays a dialog box containing tracking fields
that you might recognize from the Task Information dialog box as well as
some other fields you can use for updating your project.
You can also choose Tools
Update Tasks to display the tracking
fields from the Update Tasks dialog box; this is the same dialog box that the
Update Tasks button on the Tracking toolbar displays.
For everything there is a view
By now, you probably know that Project has a view for everything you want
to do. For example, Task Sheet view and Task Usage view (as shown in
Figures 13-2 and 13-3, respectively) allow you to update either task or
resource information easily. So many variations are available, you might think
that Microsoft charged by the view!
Depending on the method of tracking you need (see “A method to your
tracking madness,” earlier in this chapter), different views serve different
purposes. Table 13-1 shows the best view to use for each tracking method.
Table 13-1
Tracking Views
Tracking Method
Best View to Use
Table or Column Displayed
Task Sheet
Tracking table
Task timephased
Task Usage
Actual Work column
Task Usage
Tracking table
Assignment timephased
Task Usage
Actual Work column
When you find the right view with the right columns displayed, entering
tracking information is as simple as typing a number of hours, a dollar
amount for fixed costs, or a start or finish date in the appropriate column for
the task you’re updating.
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