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Tracking your work for the record
You need to input several types of information to track progress on your
project. First, you have to tell Project as of when you want to track progress: By
default, it records information as of the current date based on your
computer’s calendar settings. However, if you want to record progress as of, say,
the end of your company’s quarter, you can do that, too.
You can record actual start and finish dates for tasks, the percentage of a task
that is complete (for example, a task might be 75 percent complete), and
actual work performed (that is, the number of hours that resources put in on
each task). If you think that the task will take less or more time than you
anticipated, based on progress to date, you can modify the remaining
duration for the task. You can also enter units of materials used, and fixed-cost
information for expenditures incurred, such as equipment rental or
consulting fees.
Progress as of when?
If you don’t know what day of the week it is, you can’t very well gauge
whether you’re making the right amount of headway through your week’s
work. Well, tracking is like that: The first thing you have to do is establish a
status date: that is, the date as of which you are tracking progress.
By default, Project uses the calendar setting of your computer as the current
date when you enter actual activity information. However, sometimes you’ll
want to time-travel. For example, suppose that your boss asks for a report
showing the status of the project as of the last day of the quarter, December
31. You gathered all your resources’ timesheets up through that date, but you
didn’t get around to inputting those updates until three days after the end of
the quarter. You can deal with this situation by setting the status date in
Project to December 31 and then entering your tracking data.
After you set the status date and enter information, Project uses that date to
make calculations such as earned value (the value of work completed to
date). Also, any task-complete or percentage-complete information records
as of that date and progress lines in the chart area reflect that timing. Any
reports or printouts of views that you generate give a picture of the status of
your project as of that date.
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