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Here’s how to set the status date:
1. Choose Project
Project Information.
The Project Information dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 13-4.
When you first open this dialog box, the status date is not set; your
project is controlled by the current date.
Figure 13-4:
Set the
status date
2. In the Status Date field, click the down arrow to display the calendar.
3. If you want to set the status date in another month, use the right or
left arrow at the top of the calendar to navigate to that month.
4. Click the date you want.
5. Click OK.
Now you’re ready to start inputting tracking data.
Percentage complete: How to tell?
When people ask me how to figure out whether a task is 25 percent, 50
percent, or even 36.5 percent complete, I usually refer them to their own
intuition. If your boss asks you how things are coming on that report, you
typically go through a quick internal calculation and come back with a rough
estimate with no problem. A rough estimate, based on your experience and
the information your resources provide you about their progress, is often
good enough.
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