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Automating updates via Project Web Access
If your organization uses Project Server with
Project Web Access to handle projects across
your enterprise, you can use tools from the
Collaborate menu to help automate your
tracking. By using the Request Progress Information
command, you can notify your resources to
update their progress with a status report, or
they can enter their specific hours worked in an
online timesheet. By using the Update Project
Progress command, you can access those
timesheet updates and accept or reject the
data there as updates to your project plan.
Improvements to timesheets in Project 2007
include the ability to track billable and
nonbillable hours as well as future time reporting,
which is required by some organizations.
Note: If you have Project Standard, you will not
see the Collaborate menu. Additionally, if you
don’t have Project Server and Project Web
Access set up, most of the Collaborate menu
commands are not available. See Chapters 18
and 19 for more about using Project Web
The tasks that each resource is assigned to are listed underneath the
resource name.
3. Enter the hours put in by the resource:
If you want to enter only total hours: Locate the task name under the
resource listing. Display the Actual Work column and enter the
total hours there.
If you want to enter hours on the task day by day: Scroll in the chart
pane to locate the timeframe for the task. Click the cell for a day
that the resource worked and enter a number. Repeat this for each
day that the resource worked on that task.
If the hours you enter for a resource total more or less than the baseline
estimate for that resource on that task, here’s what happens:
When you enter an amount and press Enter, the Work column total
recalculates to reflect the total hours worked on that task.
The hour notation on that date is displayed in red, showing some
variation from baseline hours.
A little pencil symbol appears in the ID column for that task, indicating
that the assignment has been edited.
A yellow box with an exclamation point appears in the ID column to the
left of the task’s summary task, indicating a resource overallocation.
Note that you can easily look up the total hours put in by each resource on
the project by checking the summary number of work hours listed next to
the resource in the Resource Name column of Resource Usage view.
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