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3. In the Field Name box, select Fixed Cost.
4. Click OK.
5. Click in the Fixed Cost column for the task you want to update.
6. Type the fixed cost, or a total of several fixed costs, for the task.
That’s it! However, because Project lets you enter only one fixed-cost amount
per task, consider adding a note to the task itemizing the costs you’ve
included in the total. Also, there is no baseline fixed cost column, so to
compare how your actual fixed costs outstripped your baseline estimates, you
have to do a little math to find the difference between baseline costs and
actual costs: Deduct non-fixed costs to get the variation in fixed costs.
Consider using some of the 30 customizable Text columns for itemized
fixedcost entry. Rename one Equipment Purchase, another Facility Rental, and so
on, and then enter those costs in those columns. Of course, these columns of
data won’t perform calculations such as rolling up total costs to the summary
tasks in your project, but they’ll serve as a reminder about itemized fixed
In Project 2007, you can designate a resource type as Cost and assign a cost
to that resource. The Cost column then reflects the amount spent for Cost
resources on tasks. See Chapter 7 for more about resource types.
Update Project: Sweeping
Changes for Dummies
If it’s been a while since you tracked activity and you want to update your
schedule, Update Project might be for you. It allows you to track chunks of
activity for a period of time. Update Project works best, however, if most
tasks happened pretty much on schedule.
This is not fine-tuned tracking: It’s akin to getting your bank balance, drawing
a line in your checkbook, and writing down that balance as gospel rather
than accounting for your balance check by check. (If you’re like most of us,
you’ve done this at least once.) Doing so assumes that all your checks and
deposits probably tally with what the bank says as of that date; thus, going
forward, you’re back on track.
Here are the setting choices Update Project offers you:
Update Work as Complete Through: You can update your project
through the date you specify in this box in one of two ways. The Set 0% –
100% Complete setting lets Project figure out the percent complete on
every task that should have begun by that time. By making this choice,
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