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Tracking Materials Usage
Tracking the amount of materials used on tasks involves tracking actual units
at the material resource level. So, if you create a resource called rubber and
assign it to the task Manufacture Tires at 500 tons, but you actually used only
450 tons (in other words, you made 450 tons of rubber streeeetch) you would
go in and enter the actual units used.
This situation is akin to the way you track work resource hours on tasks. To
make it happen, just follow these steps:
1. Display Resource Usage view (see Figure 13-8).
2. Locate the material resource in the list and scroll in the right pane
until the assignment timeframe appears.
3. Enter the actual units used on each task to which you assigned that
Figure 13-8:
Change the
units here
and the
usage will
change in
the Work
Just keep in mind that if you assign the material resource of, say, 500 tons to
a five-day task, Resource Usage view reflects that Project spread the usage
out — 100 tons for each of the five days of the task. If you don’t care on what
day of the task the materials were used, you can simply modify one of the
settings to be higher or lower to make up for any difference in actual usage.
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