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To create a consolidated file, follow these steps:
1. Open a blank Project file and display Gantt Chart view.
2. Click in the Task Name column.
If you’re inserting multiple projects, click the row in which you want the
inserted file(s) to appear. If you want to insert a project between existing
tasks, click the task beneath where you want the project to be inserted.
3. Choose Insert
The Insert Project dialog box, shown in Figure 13-9, appears.
Figure 13-9:
about how
interact in
this dialog
4. Using the Look In list, locate the Project file you want to insert and
select it.
5. (Optional) Click the down arrow on the Insert button if you want to
change the default Insert setting to Insert Read Only.
6. If you want to link the project in this file to the source file so that
whenever you open the consolidated file it updates automatically,
make sure the Link to Project check box is selected.
7. Click OK.
The project is inserted in your file with the summary task showing and
all subtasks hidden. To display all tasks in the inserted project, just click
the plus sign to the left of the summary task.
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