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Updating consolidated projects
There are two ways to skin the cat called updating a consolidated project, and
the one you use depends on whether you linked to the source files when you
inserted them. If you linked the files and you inserted them without the
readonly setting, changes in source files are reflected in the consolidated file (and
vice versa). Updating is simply a matter of making sure all the files are
available in their original linked locations (for example, in a folder on your
network), and then Project updates automatically.
If you haven’t linked the files, changes in source files won’t be reflected in
consolidated files, and the consolidated file information will have no effect on
the source information. You might create such an unlinked consolidated file if
you simply want to see a snapshot of how all projects are going at the
moment, and you don’t want to run the risk of having your settings changing
the source information. In this case, however, if you want to track progress,
you have to create a new consolidated project, or manually enter all updates.
After you insert projects in a file, you can move them around using Cut and
Paste tools. When you do, the Planning Wizard may appear, offering you
options to resolve any conflicts that may occur because of dependency links
you’ve created between inserted projects.
Changing linking settings
Changing your mind is a project manager’s prerogative. So, if, after you have
inserted a source file in a consolidated file, you find you didn’t initially
establish a link, you can go in and change that setting so the files update each
other automatically.
Follow these steps to make changes to the inserted project:
1. Open the consolidated file.
2. Display Gantt Chart view.
3. Click the Task Name of the inserted project you want to update.
4. Click the Task Information button on the Standard toolbar.
The Inserted Project Information dialog box (as shown in Figure 13-10)
5. Display the Advanced tab.
6. Select the Link to Project check box and then click the Browse button.
The Inserted Project dialog box appears.
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